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Tiffany, Dad & Gracie

A happy Christmas

Gracie & her sister Stacey Grace, as an infant
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Grace, after her haircut Dad, Art, a friend & Gracie Miss Thang, Tiffany Tiffany with Dad & Art
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Stacey holding Tiffany, Art, a friend, Grace, Ted and a friend. Tiffany & Ted Tiffany Gracie, the blond in the back and baby Ted in the car

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Art, Teddy & Gracie Grace Mom with grandson Jake, Tiffany smiling Gracie & a friend
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Grace, shortly before her death Grace Tiffany's school picture, 1990 Gracie, at Stacey's wedding - 9/9/89
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Grace-ful Tiffany Grace Tiffany at Stacey's wedding with Ted
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Grace Tiffany Gracie Tiffany
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  Purnhagen family, 
at Stacy's wedding


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The painting, Side By Side, is the work of artist Greg Olsen.