Image Map On November 3, 1975 my mother was murdered. A man shot my mother while four of her seven children slept in another room. My father was working his 24 hour shift on the Columbus Fire Department.

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This man was in the house for a period of time. My sister woke and saw him but she stayed in bed and pretended to be asleep. He went back in my mother's room and then left the house, but he came back and went back into my mother's room again. He left again. He called the fire department and reported the shooting and the F.D. called the police and sent them to our house. 

My sister stayed in bed until the police arrived, she did not know that my mother had been shot. The police told her to show them where my mothers room was and she did and she found my mother laying beside the bed on the floor. They called the paramedics but it was too late. My father was a paramedic for the Columbus Fire Department and was working that night and was on the squad dispatched to the house.

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The police have said that it was a burglary, but all he took was my mother's purse, no other valuables. The police also said that it looked liked a "Red Herring" I didn't know what that term meant until here recently. So many things don't make sense.

My mother was on the Ladies Auxiliary for the Mifflin Township Fire Dept., of which my father was the Chief. She was like a mother to all of our friends, everyone called her mom. She taught ceramic classes in our basement.

We cannot figure out who and why anyone would want to do this. My mother never had an enemy in the world. She was a very loving and caring woman. 

What type of person would leave seven children to grow up without their mother?

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If you have any information about my mother's murder, please contact me via email.

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