Lex and Farah on her wedding day
Father and daughter dance on Farah's wedding day

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Baby Farah

The young Baquer family
Farah's class in Singapore
Farah's grade school class in Bangladesh
Farah is 4th from left

Lex, Farah and Zain

Farah's grade school photo

Farah with her
mother Betty

Farah in 1972, age 11
Lex Baquer and Farah Baquer
Lex Baquer and Farah Baquer in London, England
Farah, left, at a dance with her boyfriend
Farah and her boyfriend with Farah's brother Zain and his date at a dance in London, England
Baquer at Renaissance Festival
The Baquer family
at the Texas Renaissance Festival
Farah in a sari
Lex and Farah
A friend helped Farah dress in a sari

Farah with her
brother Zain

Farah with her
brother Zain

Farah and Betty in San Francisco

Farah with her cat Jamie, world traveler from London

Farah, at work as a ticketing agent for American Airlines

Farah on her
wedding day
Farah with Lex and Betty on her wedding day
Lex and Betty Baquer with Farah
on her wedding day

Farah with her father, on her wedding day
 Farah with her father Lex on her wedding day

Farah's beautiful smile

Farah with her best friend Kitty and another office friend, and her mother Betty

Farah after
Bradley's birth

Farah feeding Bradley

Farah with Bradley

Farah with Bradley
and Daniel

Farah with her husband and children

Thirsty Amber

Farah, sailing

The Baquers with detectives from the Harris County Sheriff's office who worked on Farah's case

The Baquer family, visiting Farah's grave
Bradley, Amber, Daniel Baquer
Bradley, Amber
and Daniel

Amber Baquer

Daniel Baquer

Bradley Baquer

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