James & Zelma Long

Bill Long, the oldest living son of James and Zelma Long read the following Victim Impact Statement at the sentencing of his parents' murderer, Carmen Deck:

Six years, eleven months, and 8 days ago my life changed forever. There are no words to describe what this feels like, but I will try. One day everything was right and the next day everything was wrong and will be forever because of one person’s selfish actions.

I can honestly say I speak for every member of my family, and every friend of my mother and father. With their deaths, it was like a light that had been extinguished. There is a dark place in my heart that will never be light again when I remember the horror of what happened to my parents. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how this tragedy happened.

My parents were honest, hard-working, loving people who did not deserve to be terrorized and struck down by four bullets – all for a robbery. Instead, I was robbed, I am a victim, my children were robbed of their grandparents. Their children were robbed of a chance to know their great-grandparents.

This person who stands before us today does not deserve mercy. No mercy was shown my parents as they begged for their lives. Not once has any remorse for my parents been shown in the last six years, eleven months, and eight days. His only concerns have been for himself.

I stand here today in place of my parents and ask that no more mercy be shown, but ask for justice. Justice for my parents, my children, my siblings, my family, my parents’ friends, and most of all – justice for the people of our country.

We need to be assured that someone like this pays. No one else should have their lives shattered by this person.