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Aundria Lynn Crawford
by her Grandmother, Jody Crawford

Aundria Lynn Crawford, 20 years old

Mother and father, James and Gail Eberhart; Grandparents, Jody and Don Crawford and Lois Eberhart; brother, Michael Eberhart.

Rex Krebs, 33 years old

Born July 10, 1978, at 8:02 p.m. with black hair that soon fell out and left her almost bald except for blonde peach-fuzz slowly growing out to beautiful honey-blond hair and her eyes to a deep green. A freckle-faced, green-eyed, honey-blond girl. On March 11, 1999, she was twenty years old.

Even at the age of five, Aundria knew what she wanted. She was always firm but determined to do things her way. She was loved and respected by her friends. Ballet was her first love which she began early. It became her life: dedication, passion and beauty. It taught her grace, balance, about hard work to achieve a goal and the persistence to get there. But after nine years, she had to give up the ballet due to a genetic bone problem in her feet. This was probably the hardest thing to accept in her life, but it did not stop her for long. Before the blisters healed and her toe shoes got cold, Aundria was up on a horse. She participated in several rodeos, in barrel racing events, winning a few ribbons along the way.

Aundria was right / wrong - left / right - black / white but never gray. She took a stand and spoke her mind. Her friends tell stories of Aundria not being satisfied with "o.k." but did the best she could do and inspired others to do the same. She loved the beauty of the outdoors. She loved it so much that she and a friend were driving one day and Aundria spotted a poppy living in the midst of nothing else. After spending most of an hour trying to dig it out of the ground, they went on to discover just how deep the roots of a poppy can be. Josh, did you and Aundria ever talk about the black and white part of the law that says you are not suppose to uproot the state flower? Well, maybe there was some gray in Aundria after all. She chose the San Luis Obispo area for school. She attended Cuesta College to prepare for the School of Architecture at Cal-Poly. She had her own apartment and her '88 Mustang. Her friends called her AU88. She was both an avid 49'er fan and a Dodger fan.

On Thursday, March 11, 1999, her mother had not heard from her for a day so she began calling--after midnight she called the San Luis Obispo police. They checked the exterior of her apartment and told Gail everything seemed okay. By early Friday morning, she called the police again. They obtained a key and found that Aundria was missing. Gail and I went to San Luis Obispo where we stayed for six weeks which is when we learned that Aundria was buried on the property of a sex offender. He had been released early from a twenty year sentence and had murdered two girls--Rachel Newhouse and my daughter, Aundria.

On April 30th, the day of her funeral the house was full of people. Our 4-year-old grandson, Kyle, went outside and then called his Dad to see the white birds. Mark followed him outside and there were three white doves. They walked all around Kyle's feet. Mark told him he had three new friends. Kyle said, "No, they just want my M&M's."  Gail decided they were a sign of three angels names Aundria, Rachel and Kristin (also murdered in San Luis Obispo). The next day two were gone but the other (with a tuft of feather standing up on her head which reminded us of Aundria when she tied her hair in a knot and a piece always stood up) was perched on the fence and allowed us to walk close to her without scaring her away. She stayed for several weeks, then one day she was gone. After we returned from the hearing in September, she came back for about thirty minutes, singing and then flew away.

Rex Krebs, on whose property both the bodies of Aundria and Rachel Newhouse were found, has been charged in Aundria’s case with burglary, stalking, kidnapping, two counts of rape, sodomy, and first degree murder with special circumstances. In the Newhouse case he has been charged with stalking, kidnapping, two counts of rape and first degree murder with special circumstances. Both cases will be tried at the same time. The defense has asked for a change of venue from San Luis Obispo. The trial is due to start in June of 2000.

We, Aundria's family and friends, have been devastated by her loss. We remember her as a determined and friendly, fun-loving young woman she had grown to be. Her life was an unfinished work in a beautiful ballet of dreams. We pray for justice for Aundria and Rachel.


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